13 reasons why you’re failing using social media

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miss one's mark1. You’re spread too thin across too many networks, or you’re on the wrong networks – not where your customers are. Choose the network(s) that best represents your audience, and start small there. Excel there first, then branch out.

2. You’re waiting for the conversation to come to you. You start it! Don’t adopt the “if they build it they will come” mentality.

3. Your strategy is missing, lacking or just plain wrong. Make sure you’ve identified goals and achievable metrics for your social media. Otherwise how will you know where you’re going or when you’ve arrived?

4. Expectations are out of whack (with your current reality) of what social media is and can do for you. See #3.

5. You’re targeting (or worse – spamming) the wrong audience. Do you homework. There’s no harm in watching your competitors to get an idea of who and where, and then get started. Better to be knowledgeable and a little late – than arrogant & wrong.

6. Your content isn’t relevant. See #5. Develop a content plan for your audience, their needs. And as a side note, our one common denominator (the Cat Herder always says this) is that we’re all consumers. So chances are, if a particular behavior irks you – it’ll probably irk your audience as well. So be cognizant of those things which turn you off, and do you best to not do those things to your audience.

7. Lacking integrated social exposure
. Use your emails, business cards, invoices – all kinds of every-day communications to let folks know where you’re at. What good does it do you to not let folks know where they can find you?

8. I hate to say it, but maybe you’re boring. Generate some excitement – run a contest, get your audience actively involved in some kind of task.

9. You’ve overlooked the opportunity to promote a post or run a Facebook ad.

10.Your social profile is inconsistent across networks and people aren’t sure if it’s you or not. Don’t be a twitter egghead. You may think it’s boring to have all the same profile pic or logo on all your accounts – but c’mon… that’s the visual cue to your audience/customers that they’ve found YOU and not someone else. Oh, and see # 13.

11. For Pete’s sake, stop talking so much about yourself – and start talking about others – get engaged with what is going on around you! Talk current events. Share content from other industry sources. Invite dialogue about an industry standard, expectation – anything! Just stop focusing on you, and focus on your audience.

12. You’re not working smart, you’re simply working hard. Use tools to help you listen and manage. (Netvibes, Hootsuite, etc.)

13. You’re not utilizing all of the profile content areas for you on each network. Is your “about” section complete, with keywords which search engines pick up? Is your bio on Twitter or Google+ complete, and your website URL displaying properly? These areas are practically free – so take a few moments, craft it all up (keep it consistent across all networks) and fill it all out.

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