Tabletop Gaming Magazine Welcomes New Editor!

01 June 2023
The King (not that one) is dead, long live the King!

It’s the dawning of a new era here at Tabletop Gaming magazine, as we welcome a brand new editor to the gaming family. We’re excited to announce Matthew Vernall, long time contributor to the magazine and knowledgeable gamer, as our new Editor. 

Matthew is the former manager of local game store Angle Gaming, and his gaming interests span the whole market, from miniatures to trading cards, board games to RPGs, as well as everything in between. We asked him to introduce himself:

“Good day to you all! I’m Matthew Vernall, some of you may recognise me from various reviews, articles and my regular feature “Encapsulate.” If I’m being professional, I’ll talk about how play is such a core aspect of what makes us alive, being free to experience and enjoy life vicariously through the roles of general, entrepreneur or adventurer. If I’m being me, I’ll talk forever about niche games that make my heart sing but make anyone else stare enraptured at my ramblings, as if they were watching a wildfire. The long and short of it being tabletop games have been a constant supply of joy in my life, from Shopping List as a child to Terraforming Mars today. I hope my ravings will continue to entertain and inform you all for many magazines to come!”

You’ll be able to see Matthew’s work from Issue 80 of Tabletop Gaming, on sale at the end of this month. Pick up a subscription so you don’t miss a moment of gaming goodness!

Of course, welcoming Matthew means saying goodbye to Christopher Eggett, after 43 issues, as he heads to pastures new. 

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“Thank you for all of the in-depth chats, kind words, and a special thanks to the chap who asked me to sign a mag at the show – it made me feel famous and cool.” Chris said of leaving. “I’m pleased with what we have done with the magazine, and most importantly, I think we had fun.”

Chris’ last magazine is issue 79, featuring the legacy of Catan, which you can pick up here. 



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