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Guest Blog Post for H&H Color Lab

The speed of web development feels light years ahead of warp speed, doesn’t it? Gone are the days where anything is built to utter perfection and then launched. Nowadays, thanks to the mantra of Guy Kawasaki, Steve Jobs and other leading visionary minds, something is built to 80%, released, fixed (de-bugged) and released again. And while it may seem annoying, it’s actually a pretty decent system. It creates competitiveness, a need for fast thinking and accurateness on the part of the developers – to fill our needs as business professionals or as consumers.

There is a new social network – The Shoot It – and its designed specifically for professional photographers. If you set up an account, you’ll see it operates similar to a current site that’s open to everyone and encourages “pinning’ of photos. There’s no need to wait for an invitation, simply sign up. Why would you want to join another site? To quote H&H Facebook fan April McCoy, “The key to success in photography is always changing with the current technology and styles. That includes social media.”

April, I couldn’t have said it any better myself.


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