Start your (marketing) year with a little fun

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Now that you’ve recovered from the Holidays, it’s time to focus again on you and your marketing strategies for 2013. Assuming you’ve created an editorial / promotional calendar for yourself, are you now finding a few blank spots needing content? What about filling them with fun – as in contest fun. As a photographer, your line of work is perfect for photo-based contests, and your fans will love to show off what they love and reveal who they are in a contest. It’s a great way to bump up engagement via authentic interest and connection.


Let’s start with ideas for a Pinterest contest that you can put together quickly. The key here is to think about the lifestyle or life events associated with your brand, because that makes for effective marketing and because Pinterest eschews blatant product or self-promotional focus. Think oblique – center your contest on events, experiences, and memories of your customers where what you do or sell comes into play.

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