Using your dating experiences to build customer relationships

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Appreciation MarketingRunning a photography business can be demanding. Between shooting engagements, administrative work, and managing the business end, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to still find the time to keep in touch with clients and make them feel appreciated.

As a recent Harvard Business study pointed out, by increasing customer loyalty by 5%, a company can increase their bottom line profits by as much as 80%. This is because, despite incredible innovations in online marketing, it is still much more expensive to reach new customers than to retain current ones. And this is particularly important in the world of photography, as a customer who returns to the same photographer for wedding and family photographs, and eventually even senior portraits and so on, can provide a substantial amount of business for that photographer over their lifetime.

At the WPPI 2012 show in Las Vegas, we caught up with Roy Meyer from Ultimate ROI Marketing, who provides a service for companies to maintain a personal connection with their customers in an efficient, almost automated way.

The service provided by Ultimate ROI Marketing is an extremely affordable way for any business to send materials to long-term clients. By entering customer information into an account database, the company can schedule the delivery of personalized cards, photographs, and even gifts indefinitely. This service is especially advantageous for photographers, who can maintain a close connection with their customers while sending examples of their work. And a customer who receives an anniversary card from their wedding photographer, perhaps along with a wedding picture, is much more likely not only to remember how thoughtful that photographer was when it comes time to get maternity and newborn photographs, but also refer them along to friends and relatives.

These days, an online and social media marketing strategy is indispensable for any company. If your photography business is having a hard time maintaining a personal, real-world connection with lifetime customers, though, then be sure to check out this video of my chat with Roy Meyer at WPPI 2012 for more information about Ultimate ROI Marketing:

And heartfelt thanks to for their video and technical support!

Looking for more time-proven techniques for appreciation marketing strategies? Check out what expert Tommy Wyatt has to say about showing gratitude in his book “Appreciation Marketing – how to achieve greatness through gratitude” on Amazon. Oh – and it’s available in kindle version too!

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