An Asymmetrical WW2 Scenario for 1-48TACTIC

22 May 2023
By Baueda Wargames


Operation Archery (also known as the Måløy Raid) was a British Combined Operations raid during World War II against German positions on the Norwegian islands of Vågsøy and Måløy, on 27 December 1941.

The raid was conducted by British Commandos and a Royal Norwegian Army detachment under the command of Captain Martin Linge. The action was supported by Royal Navy gunfire and Royal Air Force bombers and fighter-bombers providing air cover. The objective of the raid was to harass the German defences destroying a number of military objectives, and, by doing so, force the enemy to deploy larger numbers of troops in Norway than they would have otherwise.

The Commandos were formed up into 5 groups. The 1st group landed at Hollevik, about 2 kilometres west of Måløy, to disable a German stronghold there. The 2nd group landed just south of the town pf Måløy itself, while the 3rd group landed on Måløy Island to mop up after the naval bombardment. The 4th group was held as a floating reserve and the 5th group was to pass by Måløy on the destroyer HMS Oribi accompanied by HMS Onslow, and land to the north of the town to prevent German reinforcements getting through from the North.

The 1st group soon accomplished its task and was ordered to act as a reserve. The 2nd group quickly silenced a machine-gun post then started advancing into the town itself, but they were immediately met by strong opposition. The Germans were fully alerted at this point and defended every buildings with extreme resolution. To make matter worst a Gebirgsjäger (mountain rangers) unit of experienced troops from the Eastern Front happened to be there on leave. Some of them were armed with scoped semi-automatic rifles and had quickly taken up position on the hillside west of the town. These troops experience in sniping and street fighting caused the operation to develop into a bitter house-to-house battle. The 1st and 4th groups were soon called up to reinforce the attack.

The 3rd group was led by no others than Major John “Mad Jack” Churchill. The group very quickly gained control of Måløy Island, where those enemy troops who had not been killed by the Naval bombardment were so demoralized and dazed by its effect that quickly surrendered. At 0920 all guns on the Island were under control.

The Norwegian troops under Captain Linge were tasked with rounding up collaborators and seizing documents from the German HQ in the Ulversund Hotel. Several bloody frontal assaults eventually managed to brake the German resistance, however, in the action, Linge was killed. The Germans had an old but still formidable PzKpfw II tank in a garage near the Ulversund Hotel, Sergeant Cork managed to reach it and blow it up before it could weak havoc among the Commandos, but unfortunately he was caught in the explosion and died of his wounds.

At 12:30 resistance was nearly overcome, the majority of the industrial targets had been destroyed.

The Commandos sustained 17 killed and 53 wounded, for at least 120 defenders killed, and returned with 98 prisoners and a complete copy of the German Naval Code, captured from a German armed trawler.

A more extensive historical introduction and bibliography are included under issue 445 of the downloads section. Ed.

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This was a sizeable raid and could be a daunting enterprise to simulate in its entirety. However it has plenty of inspiring action and pretty much any part of it can be taken separately and used as the setting for a smaller size game. Note that – for measurements in 1-48TACTIC – the term ‘u’ as in, say, 10u is a unit of measurement. In 28mm this is usually one inch (or 2.5cm).

On the map you will find five suggested set-ups for standard 6’x4’ gaming tables, there are many possible others of course. You can combine any number of these to play out the raid all together on several tables at the same time, or one after the other in succession to make it a mini campaign.

For this scenario we will use a small force but in the correct overall proportion. The minimum size force suggested is one section of commandos with some Norwegians versus one squad of German infantry with some Gebirgsjägers and sailors in support. For larger games just add multiples of this, except that the maximum overall number of Norwegian volunteers should be 33.


Choose at least four objectives from the list below, refer to the map to make sure they are all adjacent to each other. Each objective has a Victory Point value (VP) between brackets next to it. The Commandos will score that many points if they can achieve the objective, the Germans if they can prevent it.

The final score of the game is given by the sum of the total VP worth of all enemies killed plus the total VP worth of all own Characters that have not been wounded plus the total VP worth of objectives achieved (for the Commandos) or prevented (for the Germans). VP value of all wounded Characters on both sides is not counted.



OOB Commandos (Max total 570 men).

  • 1 Headquarters troop + 7 Fighting troops + medical detachment + demolition party + Norwegian volunteers.
  • Each troop was composed so that it would fit into two Assault Landing Crafts and divided in four sections comprising one officer and 15 other ranks.


Minimum Scenario force (Victory Point value between brackets):

Fighting Troop section: 1 officer + 3NCOs + 12 men divided in 3 groups


Rifle Group

1 x Lieutenant with Sten smg (12)

1 x Radio operator with Wireless Set No. 18 and No. 4 Mk. I rifle (7)

1 x Sgt with Sten smg (10)

1 x sniper with No. 4 Mk. I-T (8)

5 x rifleman with No. 4 Mk. I Lee–Enfield b.a. rifle (6)

1 x attached demolition specialist (see note below) with Webley revolver (8)

1 x attached medic with No. 4 Mk. I rifle (9)


Gun group 1

1 x Cpl with Sten smg (9)

1 x gunner with Bren lmg (8)

2 x assistant gunners with No. 4 Mk. I Lee–Enfield b.a. rifle (6)

Gun group 2

1 x Cpl with Thompson smg (9)

1 x gunner with Bren lmg (8)

2 x assistant gunners with No. 4 Mk. I Lee–Enfield b.a. rifle (6)


Attached Norwegian Independent Company group

1 x Captain Martin Linge with Sten smg (15)

1 x Cpl with Bren lmg (10)

1 x sniper with M/30 Krag–Jørgensen (8)

3 x rifleman with No. 4 Mk. I Lee–Enfield b.a. rifle (6)


Additional equipment:

Any number of hand grenades and demolition charge tokens up to 17VP


Force total: 25 Characters, 210 VP


NOTE: Demolition specialists can place unlimited demolition charge tokens. Every other character can carry one (only) additional demolition charge token each but this will increase it’s AP value of +2.

  • OOB Germans (Max total 150 infantry + 50 Gebirgsjäger + 50 sailors)


Minimum Scenario force (Victory Point value between brackets):


Rifle Gruppe (squad): 1 NCO
+ 9 men


Rifle team

1 x OstGefr. with Mp38 smg (9)

3 x rifleman with Kar98k Rifle (6)

2 x rifleman with Kar98k Rifle (5)

1 x Gefreiter  with Kar98k Rifle (6)


MG team

1 x gunner with MG34 lmg and Luger P08 pistol (8)

1 x assistant gunner with Luger P08 pistol (5)

1 x MG ammo carrier with Kar98k Rifle (6)

Gebirgsjäger Sniper team

1 x x OstGefr. with Mp38 smg (9)

1 x sniper with accurised and scoped k98 Rifle (8)

1 x sniper with G41 (8)



3 x rifleman with Kar98k Rifle (5)


Additional equipment:

Up to 8VP of hand grenade tokens


Force total: 16 Characters, 110 VP


Set up the table according to the map. Commandos deploy first, all together anywhere on the southern table edge, as close as possible to the coast or on it, if at all possible. Mark the place: this will also be the re-embarkation point. Next, the German player Must deploy at least half of his figures, anywhere he likes on the map. The other half can be deployed later, at the beginning of any of the German player’s turns, anywhere he likes on the map provided it is at least 20u from the nearest Commando figure or it is in a place where there is no line of sight to any of the Commandos (for example, behind a building)

Raid objectives (Victory Point value between brackets)

NOTE: The German barracks and Headquarters on Måløy Island are not listed as objectives since they were destroyed and burnt down by the initial Naval bombardment).

“Seize and secure” means that there must be no enemy figures within 10u at the end of the game.

“Seize and search” is as the above but also at least one figure must spend at least one entire turn in contact with (or inside) the objective, searching, unopposed. This counts as two Actions and requires the expenditure of 2 AT. The Character may not perform any other action that turn, not even Take Cover, otherwise it will have to redo the search Action. For every turn spent searching (up to 3) roll a D6, on a score of 6 you have found an additional 10VP worth of secret documents!

“Destroy” means you have to set up a demolition charge and detonate it. Setting the charge require spending a turn in base to base contact with it, this counts as two Actions and requires the expenditure of 2 AT. The Character who is doing it may not perform any other action that turn, not even Take Cover. Once set the Commandos need to get at a safe distance (beyond 10u) and detonate it (which only needs to be declared, it does not count as an Action and does not require spending AT). A German Character can remove a set charge in the same way it was set. When it explode a charge will attack any figure (friend or foe) within 10u rolling eight D6 (4+ to hit and wound).

“Blow up” is the same as “Destroy” except that sufficient flammable and/or explosive material is already available on site so it does not require to use one of the demolition charge tokens carried by the Commandos. The procedure however remains identical.


Every time a Commandos figure reach an objective and get in base to base contact with it, roll one D6: on a score of six an opportunity objective is discovered within 10u. The German player will choose which one from the list below and where exactly place it on the table.

Opportunity Task 1:  Destroy a telephone-cable hut. (3)

Opportunity Task 2:  Blow up a mines store. (3)

Opportunity Task 3:  Blow up a small fuel dump.(3)

Opportunity Task 4:  A prominent Quisling is hiding nearby, capture it alive if possible. (5)

Opportunity Task 5: Search and Destroy a German armed trawler that has been forced ashore by HMS destroyers Offa and Chiddingfold. (5)

Opportunity Task 6:  4 German soldiers surrender, they could provide valuable intelligence, escort them back to the landing place (you will need at least one Character as escort for every two prisoners. If the escorts are killed or wounded their prisoners will run away. (2VP for every prisoner embarked)

If more opportunity tasks are required repeat Task 6 as many times as needed.


After 6 rounds signals are made to begin withdrawal. You have 3 more rounds to get everyone back to the re-embarkation point (max 5u from the marker). The total VP worth of all Commandos that are not back in time counts toward the German player’s score as if they were eliminated. If you play the scenario as several battles, one after the other in succession, to make it a mini campaign, this would obviously only apply to the last game.


If you want to play it at a larger size simply add multiple sections as the one detailed below, and increase the number of objectives accordingly. If you go for a very large game you may want to include the possibility to embark to reach the Mortenes Herring oil factory and/or to bypass the German lines and land further North along the coast. There was a terrible confusion, fairly rough sea, incessant air attacks and several encounters with other ships, so to simulate that simply declare which troops you wish to embark and start rolling 2 x D6 every turn:

  • A double six score will get your troops landed where you want them.
  • A double one score will get your ship strafed by a German fighter, roll another two D6 to see how many of your men will not be available for the mission, take turn with the opposite player to pick which one of them (German starts).
  • A double two score will get your ship showered by German snipers fire, roll one D6 to see how many of your men will not be available for the mission, take turn with the opposite player to pick which one of them (German starts).
  • Any other double score means you encountered a target of opportunity, roll one D6: on a score of 4 or more you get an additional 10 VP, otherwise you just wasted a little more time!

So – out with the ironmongery! As Major John “Mad Jack” Churchill ‘s motto went: “Any officer who goes into action without his sword is improperly dressed”. 

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